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Tango Lessons teaches Argentine Tango, distinctively different in form, music and appearance from “Ballroom Tango”. Argentine tango is a combination of steps that can vary from music to music and partner to partner, every dance you have can be entirely different from the one before. The dancer controls what they want to dance and when – it is not a sequenced dance such as ballroom, so there is freedom in Argentine Tango and hence its appeal is broad across all age groups.

Tango Dance Syllabus

Tango Lessons has a Tango Dance Syllabus focused on teaching you and your partner how to dance tango, how to create your own combinations of steps and to give you control of your dance.

During classes in the T1/T2/T3 syllabus some rotations occur to emphasise the leader/follower techniques. 

Beginners Syllabus – TF1 and TF2 – 2 courses  

These 6 week courses are for absolute beginners and are Tango Foundation courses, which are pre-requisites to all Tango Lessons courses T1, T2 and T3.



You will discover how balance, weight changes [left and right foot], walking, the embrace and leading/following are essential elements to dancing tango. 




Builds on elements of TF1 with Variations and includes parallel/cross systems of tango, becoming familiar with dancing in small spaces, navigation and linking the steps together to form your own dancing/style. 



Tango Syllabus – T1, T2 and T3 – 3 courses

These 6 week courses are for those who have completed the Beginners Syllabus Tango Foundation courses TF1 and TF2. 



Circular movements, pivots, variations to all movements, entry and exit of movements. 




Giros, ocho cortadas and a few other really interesting movements, building on elements of T1. 




Rebotes, embrace, change of direction, variations and building on elements of T1 and T2. 


All T1 – T3 include dancing practice in a social dance scene – the Tango Lounge Milonga  once a month is included in each course fee.


Tango music is the generator of dancing tango and during the courses you will be able to embrace how melody, rhythm, beats, and the quiet space between the notes and the various instruments inform your choices in dancing tango.

We offer:
- Group lessons
- Private lessons
- Wedding dances
- Tango party lessons
- Demonstrations
- Tango group/dancers as film/TV extras

Tango Lessons Wellington supports our dancers in an established tango scene and tango social dances [milonga’s] and tango practice [practica’s] are available most weeks of the year.

We do not rotate our dance partners or couples that attend lessons. We feel that in addition to learning to dance it is also a night out for couples to learn to dance together. With dance socials [milongas] available we find that the dance students get to meet others and will dance with others.

Tango Dance Rules:
Tango social dances (Milongas) require anti-clockwise dancing in circles. There may be one outer circle and then additional circles inside, with an open space in the centre for dancers (beginners) or dancers who need more room to dance more complex moves.The diagram below explains some key tango dancing etiquette on the floor.



Reproduced with the kind permission of Bernhard Gehberger, please go to his website www.Tango-DJ.at for great tango information. 


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